Pernatty IOCG Project (100% Tasman)

The Pernatty Project is located approximately 20km SSE of the IOCG deposit at Carrapateena, within Exploration Licence 6137 (refer Figure 1). The area was initially targeted by Tasman due to available geophysical data, the possibility of reasonable basement depths and its proximity to Carrapateena. Importantly, Tasman’s regional geological studies identified Pernatty as lying within an interpreted prospective “corridor” containing the most commercially favourable IOCG deposits at Olympic Dam, Wirrda and the three deposits in the Carrapateena area (see Figure 1). In late 2018 BHP announced the discovery of a major new deposit at Oak Dam West, which is also located within this interpreted corridor. There has been no previous drilling within the tenement.

Tasman completed detailed gravity and EM surveys in 2019 and drilled a number of targets in late 2020, early 2021 so far without success.

Figure 1: Pernatty Project Location. (Grid GDA 94, Z53).